Thursday, July 24, 2014

Economic Growth Without Government Spending

An interesting thought piqued my economist mind:

What if we measured economic growth without the government component of GDP?

And so I did and the results on the face of it are "good."

You'll note that ever since recovering from the depths of The Great Recession, GDP without government (ie - the private sector) has been outpacing the component of growth coming from the public sector.  This is good in the sense that the private sector is growing faster than the parasite that lives off of it.  Theoretically, if this kept up, government would shrink relative to the rest of the economy, even to the point it would consume less than 1% GDP.

But there's a problem.

The government component of GDP does NOT include income transfers which account for the majority of the budget at both the state and national levels. 

So here's the riddle intrepid aspiring, junior, deputy, and otherwise economists:

If GDP does NOT consider income transfers, how do you make an "economic argument" to incorporate income transfers into the calculation of GDP, primarily that they should be SUBTRACTED from GDP to measure the true economic production of a nation?  Specifically, just because a bunch of old fogey Keynesian economists said GDP should not subtract income transfers, what is the argument and rationalization that we should?

I know the answer, but I'd be curious to see if you do.

(answer will be provided in the next post!)

Latest Bid, $35

The latest bid for this hot pink body art of an ex of mine is up to $35.

It will be signed by the ole Captain and delivery is free. 

The bidding will close at the end of the month.  You may make your bid in the comments below or in the original post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Called "Capital Flight"

and it's a feature, not a bug of ignorant, business-hating socialist retards voting socialism.

"The Red Pill Bible"

A review I found very humbling:

I am a currently in my late 20s and discovered the red pill about a year ago after a bad breakup (typical right?). As I've stated in other reviews, I'm building a red pill library and have read every single book Roosh V has published, The Game, The Predatory Female, The Way of Men, The Manipulated Man, Men on Strike, The Rational Male, and Now Bachelor Pad Economics. I suggest you add all the books I've named to your library as they are all 4 or 5 star in what they aim to achieve. I will say that I previously stated that "The Rational Male" would be the 1 book I would purchase a friend If I could only pick 1 out of my red pill library....But then I read this book! I found out about Captain Capitalism aka Aaron Clarey and quickly watched all his Youtube videos over the span of a week and shared them with friends I knew would appreciate it. We all came to the same conclusion: Aaron Clarey is THE MOST UNPLUGGED MAN ON THIS EARTH! He's so unplugged that sometimes he's annoying because he's telling you truths you are not ready to accept. Bachelor Pad Economics is the most comprehensive book of any Red Pill book I've ever read (Though the other books are not necessarily attempting to be Red Pill Bibles). This literally is THE RED PILL BIBLE. Buy this book first if you are trying to unplug. Buy this first, then buy The Rational Male, Then buy Bang and Day bang from Roosh V then the others previously named and you will be a very smart and well rounded individual. My only complaint is not about this book but that I wish Aaron would advertise this book on Return of Kings or somewhere because if this book could touch 100,000 men or become a New York Bestseller (by some odd twist of fate) we as men could take this world back. Thank you Aaron Clarey for caring so much about other men that you took your time to comprise a 500 plus page book that will help men like myself reach our full potential. I'm forever indebt to you and best believe when I reach my level of success you as well as the other authors will receive a nice check in the male because the $9.99 price doesn't justify the invaluable knowledge you have given me.

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The Only Way to Close the Wage Gap

Language warning:

Industrial Production vs. GDP

A boring chart on the face of it is when you compare industrial production to GDP.  In other words, "how much of our economy is industrial production (actually producing things) and how much of it is services (non-physical things, but services we appreciate)?"  I was interested in looking at it to see just how much of our ability to produce "stuff" has been outsourced, while we instead replace it with exports such as "Miley Ray Cyrus," consulting services, massages, financial services and other things that won't matter a lick in a post-collapse economy.  However, I was surprised to see in the long run industrial production has (more or less) kept up with GDP.

However, two things stand out since 1990.

1.  Where industrial production started outpace overall GDP growth during the late 90's.  This was obviously due to the Dotcom bubble and, though enjoyable, was not sustainable over the long run, resulting in the Dotcom crash and a return to the norm. 

2.  Where industrial production just took a beating during The Great Recession and has yet to return.

This is where the moniker "Mancession" comes in as it was industries that employed men that were disproportionately affected (cars, housing, construction, etc.)

But if your eye is particularly keen you will notice that since the trough of The Great Recession, industrial production has been recovering at a faster pace than overall GDP.  It still has yet to close the gap, but it IS closing it and with it men are also starting to find jobs.

Would this be cause for celebration?
Would this be time to be happy for men?

No, of course not.

It's time for a classical "Earth Blown Up:  Women and Minorities Hurt Most" sort of media coverage.

I know it's the MSM.  I know their narrative is to paint women and minorities as the constant victims, no matter how much acrobatics and deceptions it takes.  But perhaps we can take a lesson at least here in our little sphere about the importance of looking at economics, looking at boring charts, and looking at that boring empirical data instead of having socialists posing as journalists tell us what to think instead.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The State of Minnesota Destroys Aspiring Students' Dreams

By launching a lawsuit against two degree mills who advertise "Criminal Justice Degrees."

Oh, I know, I know, ADULTS know the state is actually doing something good here to protect the naive children, but since it's "been their dream" to major in "Criminal Justice" that's all that matters.  They're just getting in the way of these poor kids' dreams!

True Independence

With an aside about the burrows of Oatman, Arizona:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting Fired for Your Political Views

In this episode we interview the Great Matt Baldoni and talk about:

Getting fired for your political views
Why Laughlin, NV is the future of America
Taking a Kia Rio off road into the desert
Striving to succeed as self employed
Behind the scenes of Las Vegas
The Las Vegas DJ Bubble


Visit the archive here.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

42, Female, Unmarried, Professional...Miserable

How's that feminism thing working out for you ladies?

On a sad related note, perhaps it's because you put a career and material items ahead of human relationships and interaction.

I'm going to say it again - feminism is a mental disease.  And that's not hyperbole or rhetoric.  It's a warning to younger women and girls.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Pornification of Jesus

I had this sent to me and I originally scoffed at it, dismissing it, thinking it was cute.

Then I realized,

"Holy shit, there's like millions of naive, young, Christian, but hornier-than-hell,dudes out there who are constantly compared to this perception of Christ by the "only" women they're allowed to sleep with - Christian women."

So as a gesture of goodwill and faith between us secularists and our religious brothers, I thought I'd provide my two cents about this to perhaps maybe advance their cause to nail some hot Christian ass breed more Christians.

Boys, this is the key problem you face with modern day "Christian" women - the pornification of Jesus.

Look, you're already a nobody compared to Jesus.  I got it beat into my head I was not Jesus.  You got it beat into your head you were not Jesus.  We all got it beaten into our heads we were not "perfect in the eyes of God." However, while this should not have an effect on your romantic relations, there's a disturbing trend amongst young Christian girls where Jesus is not just their spiritual "savior," but their:

soul mate
and, crass as this may be, masturbatory material (any takers that this is not the case sometimes?)

So how precisely do you compete against that?

The answer is - you don't.

You cannot compete against perfection.

And it is here that I humbly request that you consider a humble secularist's opinion.  Primarily that:

1.  These self-proclaimed "Christian girls" really aren't Christian and instead use the religion as a tool to leverage power over you


2.  If you choose to be ignorant of their un-Christian intentions you will be taken advantage of by fraudulent, faux, fake Christians

The truth is that most 20 something girls (and boys) are not capable of the mature, adult, indepdent thinking that is required to fully vette and think through something as soulful and important as religion.  Ergo, nearly 100% of the self-proclaimed "Christian" women you're trying to date really do not deep down inside believe what their parents have shoved down their throats the past 20 years.  Ergo, my humble, evil, heathen, secularist opinion is, that any women, especially under 30, who adamantly proclaims to be a Christian does not do so out of geniune deep and ponderous thought, but rather manipulation and self-advancement.  Perhaps not consciously, but it IS DEFINITELY not for Christ.  The social benefits that come from joining a religion, the mental calm not having to ponder a godless universe, and the mental stability in having an always loving, always forgiving father/husband figure around.

While these things ancillary benefits to religion can be considered "good" things, the problem is there's a dark side to believing in a religion for ulterior purposes.  Namely to view/abuse Jesus/Christianity as an excuse, a perpetual forgiviness, but worst (and most tempting of all) a tool by which to abuse, extract resources from, lord over, and control naive people who actually believe their claims of faith.

No doubt many of you young Christian men have ran into arguments where your logical and well-reasoned points were mooted, if not, completely dismissed with a mis-interpreted quote from the bible.  No doubt many of you have been told "they just don't see Christ in your heart."  No doubt you've been compared to Super-Alpha Jesus.  And, like everybody out there who's dating a Christian girl, you no doubt have a story where she "just couldn't date you" citing religious reasons, but then went out with some guy who violated thrice the rules she had placed on you (mine is one who got drunk, made out with an illegal alien, then complained to me he was calling her.  But we couldn't kiss after a second date because we weren't engaged).

The larger point is that I simply request you stop, take off the Christian goggles for a second, step back and look at what is happening empirically. 

Are the majority of Christian girls you date using religion and Christ as a means to enhance your relationship?  To be a better person?  To make your time together more enjoyable?


Are they using it as a tool, if not a weapon, to constantly keep you on edge, criticize you against Christ, lecture you, berate you, and ultimately control you making the relationship painful and like pulling teeth?

Perhaps you can see it from this here secularist's viewpoint.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Left Has Officially Become "The Man"

And I think it's about time to take them down.

Yes, Bob, American Bankers are Still Idiots

What primarily invigorated me to write "Behind the Housing Crash" was the unbelievable levels of stupidity on the part of bankers.

Seems things haven't changed in the past 8 years.

They Found Peggy Joseph

And she admits she was wrong.

Thanks Peggy.  We could have told you that.  But thankfully you have children and they will pay for your ignorance.

When the Stock Market is Divorced from Reality

This is hands down the best article on economics and the current state of the financial markets I've read this year.  Arguably the past three.  It explains many different things that are going on, but key above all of them is how central bank intervention in interest rates and quantitative easing distorts nearly all pricing in the financial markets guaranteeing them to become bubbles.

The stock market is no longer a "market" wherein investors try to find companies to finance.  It is now a tool of multi-billion dollar companies to purchase back shares (because of a lack of any genuine new investment), a place for QE dollars to inevitably be parked, and a retirement vehicle for mindless-zombie-money for mindless zombies who think capital gains is what retirement planning is based on.

I am already getting ready for the people who say after a crash, "well how did you know!!!??? There were no signs!!!!"

I suggest you all stop watching state-endorsed news and go with genuine independent thinkers.

How Do I Math?

I don't like The Maths.  The Maths are tough!

I'll let its own idiocy speak for itself.

My Response to Librarians Banning "Bachelor Pad Economics"

My response to this is simple because the reality of this situation is simple:

If you want to "fight back" I suggest buying copies of Bachelor Pad Economics.  Already these librarians caused a little rumble on teh interwebz that has bumped up sales.  I would just like enough in sales to rationalize sending a thank you card to the librarian in a very smarmy and Cappy-esque manner.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Men Really Do Compete Against the Government for Women

In an indirect manner of course.

You're Not Being Discriminated Against. Life is Just That Tough

A very important video for everybody, especially the younger folk:

Straight, Hetero Sexual Men Determine the Beauty Standards for Women

I love how women just "decree" that they will determine what is beautiful and men have no say.

Yeah, have fun with that and let us know how that works.

And an aside. This isn't cute, or funny, it's a truly psychotic delusion, a GENUINE mental problem women are having if they think they can just "decree" what is attractive absent of men. 

Again, have fun with that.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let Max Temkin Be a Lesson to You Boys

You boys paying attention?  Are you?  Good.

Because the last person you'd want to be is Max Temkin.

Feminist Librarian Discovers "Bachelor Pad Economics"

And all hell breaks loose.

You can purchase your copy of Bachelor Pad Economics, and thus advance the patriarchy and peeve lefty feminist librarians, here.

The Economics of Caloric Return

I have two buddies.  Both are in their 40's.  Both recently divorced/broke up with their significant others.  Naturally the course of conversation invariably comes around to "you looking to date any girls?"  And the answer is...


Not out of recency from the divorce/break up.
Not out of time to let the wounds heal.
Not out of time to get their head straight or figure some things out.

The real reason?

They're just too damn tired.

I don't know about you but when I broke up with/got dumped by a girl in my 20's the very next NANOSECOND it was go find another.  There was no down time, there was no "time to heal," it was an immediate, OK, what lucky girl is next?  But fast forward 15 years and men in their young 40's who recently find themselves single are in no rush to go back to the bar, back to the night club, spruce up their POF profile, let alone gather the courage to make an approach in broad daylight.  They're just too damn tired.

The first excuse would scramble to find would be age.  The next would be healing.  The third might be "losers."  And the fourth might be "lack of choice."  But the reality (as we're often finding out) does not lay in psychology or biology, but rather economics.  The real reason they're too tired is one of a cold economic calculation.

A cold economic calculation of what?

A cold economic calculation of caloric ROI.

Recently, I've been giving more and more credence to biology, genetic programming and Darwinism to explain human behavior and decisions.  And when you analyze these thoughts through the lens of economics you start to make some interesting discoveries.  And this is one of those instances.

Understand that while money has been used in society for thousands of years, human evolution, genetics and biology has been evolving for 2 million years.  Ergo, while we'd like to think our frontal lobes (the most advanced part of our brain) makes all of our decisions in a logical and rational manner, the remaining 65% of our brain is driven by instinct, survival, and raw desire and still (more often than not) overrides the most advanced part of our brains.  Thus,just because money is a (relatively) recent human creation, doesn't mean the laws of economics and limited resources didn't apply to pre-currency humans (let alone EVERY creature on this planet).  Therefore, even before the grain receipts of ancient Egypt served as the first currency, there was the ultimate currency that has governed all creatures on this planet and is the prime directive the governs 65% of our brain:


Until agricultural advances made food a non-issue, the vast majority of human-kind's experience has been finding food.  Finding calories.  Finding the energy to stay alive.  It's why, despite having adequate food, we simply can't "turn off" the natural, darwinistic, survivalistic desire to eat more.  It's been there for 2 million years (2 billion if you consider us descendants of previous creatures facing the same problem) while adequate agriculture methods have only been around for 300 years. 

However, while the main problem with human's genetic programming to maximize caloric intake in a time of plenty is obesity, there is another problem.  On the OTHER side of the cold caloric economic decision is one of expending calories of energy.  Or more so, conserving one's energy.

View it from the perspective of an American Indian 10,000 years ago.

Tonto has a choice.  Chase after the antelope with his bow and arrow or not.  However, it's not one of whether he'd like to hunt, it's a 100% purely economic decision.  Specifically, is it worth Tonto to expend 1,000 calories of energy to MAYBE get 4,000 calories of energy in antelope meat?  Because if he chooses poorly too many times he won't have an adequate ROI on his caloric investment and will mathematically starve.

Naturally, over time humans developed less-caloric consuming hunting techniques that yielded more calories in return.  Traps, spooking buffalo to run over a cliff, guns, and agriculture.  But that still doesn't change the fact that for nearly 2 million years humans have had it beaten into their brains that calories expended damn well better result in a surplus of calories returned.  Again, starvation was the other consequence.

Now return back from 10,000 BC to revisit my two 40 something buddies.  They are no longer Tonto facing the decision as to whether they want to chase after antelope.  They are two men who have to decide whether to expend the calories of energy chasing women.  And when faced with the caloric demands of:

Going on line for 2 hours a day to "wink" at girls
Go to the night club to chat girls up
Go to a "Meet up" group and learn a new social skill (dancing, crafts, etc.)
Making approaches 10 times a day

not to mention the 8 year vetting process wherein they have to date 100 women to find "one"

you can see why they're "too damn tired" and are just shutting down.

Admittedly there is of course other reasons as men age they just don't go out clubbing anymore.  They're getting older, a decrease in testosterone, a decrease in energy, the novelty of dating wanes, their 18 year old idealistic naivete about dating expectations was crushed with the drama, flaky, reality of dating, etc., etc.,  But I contend there is a Darwinistic aspect as well.  One where the hindbrain is making astute economic calculations, demanding an adequate return on its dwindling supply of calories and time, and sadly coming to the conclusion that it just isn't worth the chase.

So light up those cigars instead,
Pour yourselves a glass of scotch that won't "flake" on you
And head out on the boat and go fish,
because the caloric rate of return on those things are 100% guaranteed, ensuring you
Enjoy the decline!