Sunday, October 02, 2005

For JTapp

An entry to the chart competition that I've been procrastinating over because I'm a lazy bastard.

Understand JTapp purposely chose charts from the Democrat's senate floor charts to cause a ruckus.

So young aspiring deputy economists, what's wrong with this picture?


doinkicarus said...


According to the CIA World Factbook, the GDP Growth Rate in the US is currently about 4.4%, while the population growth rate is only 0.92%.

It would seem then, that with an inflation rate of 2.5%, that real income cannot be negative.

But maybe I'm missing something.

doinkicarus said...

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i think you might have to start requesting word verification. someone's got it in for you

JTapp said...

Gas prices, health care costs, and college tuition have gone up in part because of rising demand from consumers. If their income has gone down, how can these consumers create so much demand? Surely they must be spending less money if they have less income, and prices should instead be falling...

doinkicarus said...

or they are diverting money that would normally be saved, and using it instead to fund their current spend-a-thon. I think you'll find that's the case, the savings rate is at an all time low

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Captain Capitalism said...

Sorry for the spam. Seems google is trying to make more money by allowing it.

Unfortunately I have had NO TIME to screen this stuff out (working about 80 hours a week). Alas my postings and commetnary has been lacking.

Anyway, the thing that gets me is how they selectively choose what they want to compare household income to. If I wanted, I could compare household income to the price of gold, tin, or housing or anything that has gone up much more than the average inflation rate.

That and i'm suspect of what exact time line they choose to use household income.

captain mike said...

the chart suggests that the timeline is "during the bush administration," which would mean from when bush was first elected to the present, but they don't exactly specify