Sunday, November 06, 2005



doinkicarus said...

that frightens me. you know she used to be a man, right?

BradMan said...

This has nothing to do with this post of the gun loving babe...

Hey Jazz Master Cap,

Who are some of your fav. artists? I'd like to know what music spurs you on.

Then I will go and illegally d/l them.... :P


Captain Capitalism said...

DOINK? Wa? Huh? Not that I'd want to listen to her, but Ann Coultier, not attractive????


Wide ranging, but it basically boils down to this;

No country
No hiphop
No Baby Boomer 1950's pop crap
No Baby Boomer 1970's crap

I'm particularly fond of Sinatra, big band, Connick, Duke Ellington, classics.

Classcial music.

Old school rap. Run DMC, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys.

Ministry, Revolting Cocks, KMFDM, Bjork

Oh, and I HATE, ABSOLUTELY DESPISE CHRISTIAN ROCK! Had to listen to it whenst hanging out with these religious chicks. Kenny G is even better than that stuff.