Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fodder for Socialists

I know why this chart is irrelevant, but it is interesting and when you hear the socialists use their sound byte "evil rich corporate executives" blah blah blah, now you'll know what they're talking about.

Although, I seriously question whether they know what they're talking about.


Derek Jensen said...

The problem is as I see it, to the socialists it's all a zero-sum game

Jonathan said...

Can you imagine anyone else other than Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer running Microsoft?

For me it is hard to imagine, but I also don't have a roster of people with good leadership lying around. I think those two deserve all the money they get. Besides, Bill donates billions of dollars. That is more than most people can say they have done in their lifetime. If he is good at starting and running a giant company, he probably would know how to donate his money to get the highest amount of return. He has a strong incentive to do so because he earned that money. If he was taxed that amount, and the money was redistributed in a socialist economy, first of all that is very inefficient. You know the government will hire teams of people to handle that. It would take a long time to redistribute that money, and it will end up in all kinds of people's hands. It would go to people who weren't able to earn anything, and then those people would have control on where their money goes. That money won't go towards investment (education, starting a business, etc), but TV's, cars, etc. People will spend it on crap before they spend it on a class teaching them how to read and write because their socially funded public school let them skate on through. AND then they still won't be able to earn any money on their own.

As far as people in General Motors getting paid anything for making stupid decisions, personally I feel that is wrong because I want to see nice cars from them. But it is not up to everyone else to fix it. Its up to them. If they want their executives to get paid millions to lead the company downhill, they should be free to make that choice.

I am no expert, but that is how I see it. Sorry for such a long comment.

Captain Capitalism said...

Derek, I woudln't even give them that much credit.

More and more I meet the OLDER socialists and democrats the more and more I realize they just want a free buck. At least with younger college kids they have good intentions. It's the Baby Boomer Grey Haired Pony Tailed Effers Former Hippies that I'd have no problem using as target practice with my newly acquired gun.