Saturday, November 05, 2005

Save France...Again

Just wondering if the MSM in the US is going to cover the riots in France anytime soon here.

I'm also wondering if we're going to have to go in their and save their asses for the 3rd TIME IN A CENTURY!

Come on guys, haven't we paid back our debts for your help in the Revolutionary War?

Oh, and is this yet ANOTHER instance of muslims not getting along with their neighbors?


Wulf said...

Personally, I will only support the use of US troops if there is unanimous support in the UN.

Perhaps they can levy sanctions against the rioters.

Zilch said...

Nope, don't send help, don't send troups, unless the problem develops all over europe, don't do anything.

what you are witnessing is the payback from 30 years of overtly socialist policies.
It is a GOOD thing, it just marks the difference between the elite that governs the country and the rest of the people.

JTapp said...

I think I agree with Zilch. When you have 40%+ unemployment for Muslims living in those ghetto-like places, housing discrimination, and other issues they're upset about, it makes sense that the teens would want to burn things. I don't think they're helping their cause any. If anything, Chirac's much-delayed comments show he's an ineffective leader, and this should help topple his cronies as well.

Captain Capitalism said...

No, guys, don't misunderstand. I'm not advocating sending in the troops. Truthfully, I agree with Zilch and Jtapp, it's a good development, I enjoy wathcing it happen.

My favorite is I read yesterday that one of the mayors is THINKING about enforcing a curfew.

11 days into it and they're THINKING about doing something?

And Bush gets slammed for Katrina?