Saturday, September 06, 2008

This is Too Rich

Long story short, Palin made a slight against community organizers whilst here at the RNC about how they don't really do any "real work" (and this I am paraphrasing). It made the rounds in some of the more leftist circles and begat a response from, whose namesake is the late senator Paul Wellstone who was one of Minnesota's genuine socialist senators.

The response (located here) only confirms community organizers or the caliber of people that would participate in such a thing have NO CLUE what real work is like. The person making the post lists off her "hectic" schedule which consists of a ghastly 4 items.

I'm sure anybody who works in the real world would trounce this "to do list" with their schedule.

Regardless, this corroborates what I've more or less known to be true the entire time; for the most part (but not always) "community organizers" are people who don't want to study math or anything too hard that would get them a real job and would therefore rather do something fluffy and not-so-rigorous to make themselves feel better.

It also goes a long way in showing just how hypocritical they are when they say, "it's putting the community ahead of yourself and your ego" as the person is not doing it for anything as noble as the "community" or to effect "change" as it is inflating their own ego to make themselves feel like they have some kind of self worth. The ultimate success they have in improving the community comes a distant second to that. They don't dare go and dedicate a significant portion of their lives to learn a new technology or embark on a business venture that would employ people in the community and do something sustainable and long term to improve the lots of the members in the community. No, that would take too much time and why, they'd have to put some of their own money at risk. They'd just rather say they care and work on campaigns and initiatives to stop garbage burners from going into a neighborhood or preventing a Wal-Mart from going in across the street. Meanwhile very real and serious problems that dwarf their self-aggrandizing crusades, like unemployment jumping to 6.1%, REALLY threaten the community they so solemnly have sworn to protect.

Regardless, I have to go to the eye doctor now to move my eyes back into position because they rolled so hard when I read the web site.


randian said...

This is why so many new "foundations" are formed, and why so many older ones suffer capture by their leftist employees who then use the foundation to pursue their own political goals rather than serve the foundation's constituents: they are essentially employment programs for people who, other than a zeal for self-aggrandizing activity, have little or nothing to offer to an employer.

Hello Birdy said...

I have watched what 'community organizers' do. They try to stop progress as you mentioned in your post. They also try to have various things banned which usually means make yet another human activity a crime.

They are also busy bodies in the truest sense of the word. They want to control their communities in ways that conform to their vision of reality.

They are usually ambitious people who have designs on controlling much more in a much larger arena ... eventually.

The dullest of them wind up with a political appointment or cushy government job for serving their political masters at the higher levels.

The most deceitful and ambitious of them seeks office as soon as they think they are well enough known and when they have garnered enough support from the 'behind the scenes' control freaks.

The hardest think about this sort of job is the willingness to put your big socialist face in front of better and more productive people and try to destroy what they are doing.

Progressives are actually anti-progressive. They have hijacked that word and distorted it's meaning the same way gay people took a word that meant happy and joyful and turned it into a word that means perverted and conflicted and sad. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Boss429 said...

But Captain, you're opinion of Wellstone, and therefor the dot org named for him, seems rather harsh. I always heard he was a plane down to earth guy.

The Watcher said...

Bwahahahaha. I'm retired on a medical disability and I do more than that between 6 and 9 in the morning.

The Rat said...

Get up at 8:00am? Is she serious? I've been at work for 45 minutes by 8am. And I'm a lazy layabout compared to some of the people I know!

Captain Capitalism said...

Boss 249, I am laughing my ass off right now.

Andrew MacNeill said...

The Rat - only 45 minutes?

By 8am, I've already done at least 2.5 hours..but then I work better in the morning...was once called a Vampire (oh,well)

wallyj said...

Wake up,annoy people,go to sleep. I think I could be a community organizer,also.

LT. ADD said...

I do more then this in the first 10 minutes.

Ever go 3 days without sleep while working the whole time? It's fun. I don't say this to complain it pays the bills and I actually do something with my life that matters.

I know 18 year old kids that do more in a whole day then they do in their lives. This is a joke.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hey lieutenant,

Yes, many years ago when I was 18, I woke up at 8AM (but wait) went to school for 8 hours, went home, threw in a bagel, and then went to work at the police department at 5PM. Shift would be scheduled to end at 2AM, but if there was extra work, we'd take it because I needed the freaking money to pay for tuition. So I would about half the time work till 5 AM.

wake up 3 hours later

Do the whole thing over again.

For three years.

Not a government dime of money.

But somehow I think I did more for the community in patrolling campus and walking people home and chasing down the occasional bad guy than these people will ever do in their lives.

And to see little spoiled brats like this think they're even approaching "on par" with me and others angers me.

Sean said...

The response contains a grammatical error ("affect"). I guess proper spelling is not required for community organizing.

I can't believe these people are serious with this. The only reason these community organizers get little pay is that few people would pay a cent for this worthless activity.

Darrell said...

This all seems to miss the point. I have no doubt that community organizers work hard, and do good, often valuable work. I'm not going to put somebody down for trying to make people's lives better, whether I agree with their methods or conclusions or not.

The idea that needs to be mocked is that this work somehow qualifies one to lead the free world.

Anonymous said...

The list was clearly ridiculous - at 5 pm, you make "100's of telephone calls"? 100 calls at 3 min/call is 5 hours of calling; at some call centres I've worked at, 100 calls is considered a full 7.5 hour day, taking into account the work you need to do in between calls. And then you knock on hundreds of doors? Community organizers must possess some Einsteinian ability to warp space-time!

Oh, and BTW, "sleight" (of hand) is what magicians do; when you criticize someone, you are "slighting" them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Captain - that last post of yours is really something - incredible effort.

I find it interesting when we get a new hire at my company who has no clue how to do real work, and they suddenly learn that they actually are supposed to produce something of value. Call it "The Awakening".

Oh, and we have the equivalent of do-little "community organizers" at work too. Typically they become "project managers" - largely because they can't handle jobs that require technical skill and specific deliverables. PMs are more or less bureaucrats in the business and typically do not have tangible deliverables.

As for the gross Wellstone lines, I'm not above a few myself - toward the end of his political career, Senator Wellstone became grounded and earthy, and made quite an impact in his final day.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

community organizer to me is just a baffle-gab title for "Rabble Rousers", form a group of people to protest against this or that and if your any good at it, then maybe you will get tabbed for higher work, hell maybe even get to run for political office in the state---no telling how far a guy might go if he's a slick talker.

Gary (old dude)

randian said...

I have no doubt that community organizers work hard

I'm sure many of them work hard, it's the value of the work that I question. The problem is that their work is often of negative value, that is it destroys independence, wealth, and freedom rather than creating them.

Anonymous said...

The schedule for the day is just minimal background chatter that accompanies my job, while we get real work done as the "meat and potatoes". I'm a homecare registered nurse, and I approve of this message.

John said...

What a sweet gig! Where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

By 8:00, I'm mid-way into the morning school run. 3 teenaged boys, 3 different schools. I'm not impressed by her 'schedule.' I did all of that and more just getting my sons into the schools they needed to be in. I can respect that the woman wants to affect change in her community and how much time it appears she puts into trying to make that happen. However, church groups, PTAs, Goodwill and countless other groups and many thousands of just plain folks make things happen in their community. And they do it while going to work every day and raising a family to boot!

Anonymous said...

Sean- I, too, used 'affect.' So sorry. I'd like to use the I-was-typing-too-fast-and-didn't-notice excuse but I wasn't. How about 'I always fet them condused?' Yeah, that's the ticket...


Anonymous said...

Just did my hated time sheets for the last two weeks:

115.6 hours in 9 working days.

Sounds like an entire quarter worth of community organizing.

Hey, not a bad word about project managers. They seem like useless gits until you don't have one doing his job right, then you realize that though they may not be supper techy that without them life is much harder.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere do I see a reference to "clipping coupons" or "depositing checks from Mom and Dad." Why do people who work for non-profits always own houses and drive newer cars than I do?

THBarb said...

Wow! I never would have known, "Community Organizers have been the ones that moved the country forward during times of crisis and great change."

I don't remember reading biographies of any great American's where Commie Ogre,, I mean Community Orginizer was part of their resume. Were they ashamed of this title? Or was it so minor that they forgot to mention it?

Wait! I know, the Republicans must have had their histories rewritten. I'm sure it's as simple as that.