Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children

Found this chart interesting. What I also find interesting is just how much PUBLIC money is spent on the chillllllldren. $140,000 PER KID IN THE US?

You see, when people say, "Don't you want children?"

I say, "I already support a couple thousand through taxation."

And that is the truth.


Anonymous said...

Have you secretly fathered like 10 children and you are just like "hush hush" because you do not want other people to have them so yours may inherit the earth?

Dr. Bob said...

Well, about $100K give or take $20K depending on the district is for K through 12 public school education.

Then you have AFDC, SCHIP, Head Start, subsidized or free school lunches and in some localities even summer meals.

So the $140K is probably about right for the average US kid.

I understand your frustration - paying for others' kids.

However, the only way adults are created in sufficient numbers to produce GDP, contribute to our country's economic well being and keep our nation viable is through them having been kids at one time.

The part that really sucks, are the people who have no means to support children yet chuck them out for the government to fund and in some cases raise.

Robert of Ottawa said...

What is the measure "quality of school life" supposed to be about? How was it arrived at?

Did they ask the kids? Almost to a kid, they would have said "school sucks" or some such thing.

I'm smart, I know...I hated school. But I did stick with it to get to earn more money than those that didn't.

Anonymous said...

Paying for others kids to attend school is simply bullshit, period!! If you have kids, then pay for them yourself!!! I did!!!!