Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Canadian Drive By Media

Understand if there is a archetype "Crusader" it is a journalist. Whereas ideally people who become journalists would have the truth be their ultimate goal, most are crusaders who sadly just make themselves shills for a political crusade.

Why is it then journalists and media types are so prone to become crusaders?

Because they are predisposed to it. The type of person who goes and majors in journalism commits the "First Sin of Crusaderism" by majoring in something that doesn't take a lot of effort, doesn't really produce anything of value, yet expects society still provide them a living has a dishonest personality. They don't care about anything as noble as reporting the truth and being the fourth branch of government. They care only of themselves and shills whatever one political group or another tells them to go.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, oneof my great disappoints in life has been the realization that the news media, is collectively, a not very bright group of people, seemingly happy to lie like politicians EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE to.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but here is the good news; the Blog world is destroying their monopoly. The main stream media can still lie, but people no longer have to put up with it. Youtube and Blogs are bringing the real story to the world. Newspapers are shutting down, and TV news ratings are plummeting.
This process is actually quite similar to the invention of the printing press. The Church controlled all printed material, and were very upset when their monopoly was broken. The printing press opened the gates of printed material to everyone, and the world was changed forever.
The Internet has taken control of information away from the main stream media. The world of information has changed forever. The main stream media still has not figured this out, and continues
to tell lies. They are being swept aside by the Internet.
I say hats off to people like the Captain, that are deliverying truthful information to the world.

Anonymous said...

Concur most wholeheartedly. Don't even use the NYT as fishwrap anymore, the toxic lies are tainting the meat. And forget putting it in the bird cage, the parrot just squawks: "Redundant"!
WSJ is the only thing worth reading, and that I get electronically.

Matt H said...

Journalism school killed mainstream journalism.

Anonymous said...

In Canada the existing socialist dupe media firms are all panning the enevitable Sun News TV ie. Fox News North. Why would they care about some upstart News channel one asks? Because they will lose 70% of their viewers in time, much like Fox has sucked CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN et al dry. They will be put further into irrelevance. Canada is a country that gives 2 Billion dollars to that disgrace called the CBC so they can do the Drive By Media thing. CBC hacks know if the Conservative government gets a majority they will discontinue the 2 billion dollars to the CBC. They are the worst shovellers of Left Wing crap all in an effort to save their cushy, overpaid, self important jobs and percieved entitlements. My Father died last spring and God bless him he was a good man, but he grew up with the CBC and valued it. I mentioned to him before he died that I thought we should shut it down as it was irrelavent and a waste of tax payers money - our Canadian content laws were good enough to keep Canadian culture intact. He was hurt by this and died very much the well intended Liberal he was. His intentions were good I know, the Left Wing Media's intentions are below contempt.

I am breathlessly waiting for Sun TV and a Conservative majority in this country. Goodbye CBC, goodbye distorted pulp rags, hello internet blogs. Have a good day, eh.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that as a group, politicians have to be a most selfish and second most stupid class of people.

Journalists are the stupidest.

This week, they have proven that time and time again.

The NYT ought to do one final act of public good for the benefit of our country - go out of business.

Ray K. said...

There's going to be some mighty ticked off conservatives around when Sun TV finally launches. What does the Sun group do now that makes people so confident that Sun TV will be something different?

Anonymous said...

It just makes me sick the way the media goes after the Alberta Tar Sands. It is a billion dollar project that has given many people employment. The media would rather have oil money go to backwards corrupt countries.
These media people do not have any sense of a real economy. Some where some how, someone has to produce things of value in an economy. We need oil, food, lumber, metals, cars, and someone has to produce these things. Left wing media types seem to feel real work is evil. They think everyone should work for the government.

Stan in Sugar Land said...

No,no Anonymous, the tar sands are not a billion dollar project, more like a trillion dollar project, a typical mine is in the vicinty of a billion. Fort McMurray keeps sucking people in from all over the world they are desperate for workers! A couple of years ago I was in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc - guess what, the news media was complaining about all the young people going to Alberta for jobs and "big" money, how's that for crappy journalism?