Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ignore That Deficit Behind the Curtain

It really is a daily fight against the amoral old timers in the established MSM. And as time goes on I have a growing and intensifying hatred for the people in the "fourth branch of government" who have not only failed to do their job, but purposely advance an agenda that is against the best interests of the people by misinforming them about the all-important issues of economics.

Today's latest example comes from CNBC where they manage to put a positive spin on a $1.28 trillion deficit. Which is of course like trying to put a positive spin on Ebola or Nirvana.

So once again, your Captain fires up his P-51, replete with drop tanks and ammo and takes off into the sky to shoot down this latest assault from the mercs that are on ZeroPrez's payroll.

Below are the deficits as a percentage of GDP for four countries. Australia, Norway, Greece and the US. Remember, we are told we are able to bail out Greece, we are no Greece, why Greece could never happen here. When in reality we are now officially running higher deficits than Greece. I simply threw in Norway and Australia to show you what an EVIL OIL rich country looks like and what a functioning western society SHOULD look like.

But, again, to quote Michael Savage,

"No, no, you don't want to hear about this. YOu want to hear about some guy who hits a ball over a fence."

Ergo, I present to you guys hitting a ball over a fence.

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Jeff M said...

It took me a minute to figure out what was going on, but you have your chart labelled wrong. You are showing the surplus as a percentage of GDP, with negative numbers indicating a deficit.