Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Booming" Housing Market

"Booming" which is like calling Roseanne Bar "hot."

I've updated the St. Louis Fed's chart to show that "booming" increase to 680,000 annualized units. You just can't miss the huge BOOM because it's so obvious, plus I made it red.

See the boom!? Do you see it?!! How can't you see it!!! It's SO OBVIOUS!

Not to mention it's all "multi-family" construction which means more renters and less owners!

Recovery, here we come!!!!


CBMTTek said...

And, once again, the news media does not seem to understand that money has no (physical) momentum.

Sure, housing starts are up compared to the last 19 months, but that can change overnight, without any slow down period, or warning.

Anonymous said...

Well charted. El Yikeso!

Anonymous said...

It'd be interesting to adjust this chart based on total U.S. population, ie housing starts per million or 10 million citizens.

Pat Sullivan said...

Ah the Federal Reserve fudge factor.
I stopped listening to government numbers quite some time ago. The CPI numbers are the worst. Every item is "adjusted" and they don`t include food and energy. Hey who buys strange items like food and energy.
Unemployment numbers are another joke. The real number is estimated to be around 15%.

And of course the main stream media, play right along with the government statistical charade.

Indiana_gol said...


EarlW said...

You should chart apartment construction in Quebec, Canada.
The numbers are around zero now, since no builder is doing them anymore. It's all condominiums, now.

It's been that way ever since they Quebec government created the "Rental Board".

If their goal was to eliminate the supply of apartments, then they were very successful.

Anonymous said...

Media = How to lie using statistic - exclude context.

Perhaps a dead cat bounce?

Anonymous said...

Try this:

Nick Rowe said...

Yes, it would be better to create a ratio to population, but it doesn't change the picture much. The fact that we are at a record low 1-4 family housing starts is remarkable unto itself.

Residential investment has a disproportionate impact on GDP growth, so this is going to be a drag on the economy for a ling time.

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